Rebel and His Lifelong Advocacy for Socio-Economic and Youth Rights

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Dhaka:Rebel Monowar was born in the village of Monurchora, Rangpur. His birth family pursued diverse agricultural and commercial interests.

He completed BA (Honors) in Linguistics from the University of Dhaka. He goes onto complete a MBA from Royal University of Dhaka and a Diploma in Computing and Cybersecurity from the Swiss Universal Higher Educational Institute, Zurich. He also has a Diploma in Strategic Management and has conducted research work in Leadership.

He continues to pursue academic interest from both home and abroad, and has established a number of companies.

He is the founder and CEO of the IT and Agro sectors of Edison Group (the mother company of Symphony Mobile). He has served as the Marketing Director of the following concerns of Daffodil Group: Dolphin Digital, Daffodil Cyber Security Solution, Daffodil Multimedia, and Skilled Jobs. He has also served as Bestway Group’s Director and then, CEO.

Monwarul Islam Rebel is, in essence, an Ambassador of the youth of Bangladesh, representing their ideas/aspirations in corporate culture, work ethics, innovative approach, strategic planning and business development.

He deeply values his practical exposure to commerce back in the days when he assisted his father in the family’s retail business.

His professional presence in corporate finance and investment germane to business development is more than 10 years.

His risk-taking and/or experimental mindset has taken business development to new heights of recognition here in Bangladleshi business community; he is one of the most sought after consultant in that field.

He especially excels at nursing weak businesses back to profitability. He has attended to multiple such businesses with afflictions ranging from liquidity crisis to self-destructive organizational culture. He has unerringly deployed his innovative thinking, knowhow and intuition to servicing the needs of such businesses. His dedication is beyond reproach.

He also ponders deeply about market regulations in a post-capitalist world or in a world where UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is already instituting transformative thinking.

He envisions various reforms in the corporate sector and the role technologies can play in making corporate world attend to social needs and/or aid social innovations. He has taken practical steps to such ends and is hailed as a leader who thinks ahead, thinks like a rebel!

He had been a rebel from his student days. Nothing seemed off limits for him and he believed that new frontiers would always open up for humankind, frontiers of learning must be the first and foremost to be explored. Such affection for learning made him a philosopher, an intellectual. He found the business world fully vindicating his scholarly aspirations. The tripartite synchrony achieved through business development, marketing, and technological knowhow took him to challenging places, won him valued clients.

His varied travels took him to Sylhet Women’s Medical College and Hospital where he served as its Brand and Media consultant.

The education sector aside, he found himself in the world of journalism too. He worked as a reporter of Dainik Somokal and and occupies several leadership positions in the organizations dedicated to the welfare of journalists.

He continues to think differently and coalesce the lessons learned from varied experiences.

The following highlights Rebel Monwar’s footprints in various socio-economic and youth sectors:

IT Sector:

~ Bangladesh Cybersecurity Institute
~ Block Chain Technologies Bangladesh
~ Dolphin IT Solution
~ Rocket Robotics
~ Rangpur Cyber Center
~ AI Bangladesh
~ Mediatech Bangladesh

Research Institute:

~ Bangladesh Marketing Research Institute (BMRI)
~ Rangpur Research Institute
~ Bangladesh Sustainability Research Institute
~ Bangladesh Project Management Foundation
~ Capital Marketing Professional Association of Bangladesh
~ Bangladesh New Media Research Institute
~ Bangladesh Digital Market Institute


~ Everfy Edutech Bangladesh
~ Bangladesh Digital Learning Society
~ Florist Pre-School and Day Care Center
~ Bangladesh Short Film Institute

~ Bangladesh Industrial Engineers’ Network
~ Digital Marketing Expo Bangladesh
~ Connecting the Dot Society
~ Bangladesh Structure of Intelligence Society
~ Bangladesh Indigenous Career Forum
~ Bangladesh Business Resilience Forum
~ Community Based Tourism Center of Bangladesh
~ Bangladesh Online Journalist Association

Social Development:

~ Youth Career Institute
~ Agricultural Product Brand Association of Bangladesh
~ Youth Marketing Society

~ Elon Musk Study Group
~ Jack Ma Study Group
~ Warren Buffet Study Group
~ Club Director, Lion’s Club of Dhaka Infinity

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