Shitalakshya is polluted in different ways

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Dhaka: Few days ago we went Shitalakshya river for campaigning to stop grab the river and pollution.This campaigning was totally different to others. Because, fasting is going on, that is why our target was to take iftar in the boat on the river chest. We started our journey from Gosinga bazar at Sreepur in Gazipur by the courtesy of Nodi Poribrajok Dol, Sreepur branch.

We were all so much excited because it was the first time in our life, iftar on the river. All of our members sitting the boat and move to Kapasia. After a while from the Gosinga bazar river bank to move the boat to Kapasia we saw a big dead buffalo floating in the river which was tied to bamboo. In fact, it is very sad on one hand the greedy people of our society illegally cut the soil of the river and on the other hand the country’s influential people leave the toxic substances of their factories in the river.

Apart from this, a section of the people of our society who leave their dirty stuff in the river regularly. Definitely,10 or 15 peoples put together the dead big buffalo leave in the river. Do not worry about them once for all that it will severely pollute the river.

We must remember that if the rivers are polluted then there will be a big threat to our lives.

Written by Sulayman Mohammad

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