France Association of ChildEduc Bangladesh helped over then 320 Bangladeshi students

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Desk Report; Since 2015, the association, based in Vigneux Sur Seine, France, has been constantly working to help the Bangladeshis with a clear finality. “We are trying to raise funds to help children in Bangladesh by facilitating access to care and education for disadvantaged children and youth by helping to create micro projects that improve their live environment.”

France Association of ChildEduc Bangladesh (FACEBD), founded by KHIANG Nayan, organized four events in 2017 in four schools, Diabari High School, Patgram Anath Bandhu Government High School, Golam Mohiuddin Komal Adorsho High School and Buali Primary and Hight School, Harirampur, Manikganj, Bangladesh, aimed to provide textbooks to more than 320 students.

With more than 25 members, France Association of ChildEduc Bangladesh has focused this year on a major project that has consisted to help to Bangladesh students.

Getting proper education is very necessary to get success and happy life just like food is necessary for healthy body. FACEBD provided dictionaries, scientific calculators, notebooks, rulers, compasses, pens, lunch box to 160 primary school students and to 160 high school students. At this event, the founder of FACEBD was present with theses schools principals, teachers, managing comity, and journalists.

FACEBD was active in the local economy by promoting local purchase school supplies and other materials. It was a success and allowed to help students who have the desire to succeed in life.










FACEBD wants to teach students that education helps us to develop personality and earn recognition and respect in the family and society. Education is the key to solve all the social, personal and professional problems of the people. Proper and higher education makes us more civilized to live in the society. FACEBD will always help them and support education.

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