Saudi Arab aim is to create jobs for themselves

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Tanvir Hasan, KSA correspondent (English version): Day by day Saudi Arab is implementing new rules and regulations specially for expats. I.e,.Recently added levy/Tax for expats, Banned mobile phone shops for expats. Today I gonna report about cell phone industry which to be only for  Saudized as ordered by Labor Minister Mufrej Al-Haqabani in last year that Saudis be employed in the entire mobile phone industry, covering sales, maintenance and accessories.
The ministry has warned that violators, particularly those business people and their employees involved in cover-up businesses, would be subject to heavy penalties. moreover the ministry stated that; the decision must be enforced across the country and include small, medium and large businesses.

Govt./ministries of this country is strictly following in order to more improve here, as Saudi Arab’s aim is to create jobs for them

In order to confirm Saudization recently some of
Teams from five ministries carried out nearly 42,000 field visits to gauge the success of Saudization in the telecom sector.
Field tours by the ministries involved in the Saudiziation of the telecommunications sector confirmed that 13,197 establishments have successfully implemented the decision.

The ministries conducted a total of 41,879 inspection visits in various regions of the Kingdom to ensure that the Saudization of jobs in the telecom sector is at 100 percent according to the daily report.

The field visits were carried out by the ministries of labor and social development, interior, municipal and rural affairs, trade and investment, and communications and information technology.

The teams confirmed that 3,081 stores in the Eastern Province adhered to the decision, followed by 2,442 stores in Makkah and 1,957 stores in Riyadh.

Inspection teams transferred 1,809 shops to the sanctions committee, out of 1,983 stores that did not adhere to the decision. These include 500 shops in the Riyadh region, 471 stores in the Eastern Province and 411 stores in Madinah.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development Dr. Mohammed Al-Falih called on the ministry’s clients to cooperate with them and report violations of the Saudization law through the app “Together for Monitoring” or by calling 19911. He said all reports of violations will be immediately dealt with.

As earlier I went to Batha, Riyadh (Most popular & familiar place in Riyadh city & where numbers of mobile shops located ) in order to meet with some mobile shop’s businessmen who left their business due to the said rules. As they stated that; we have to do nothing against it, as it’s govt. rules so obviously we have to follow as per rules & regulation.

Based on that above mentioned; It is clearly  notifying that Saudi Arabia’s aim is to create jobs for them that would give them financial stability and minimize cover-up activities. Besides a lots of foreigners will be affected specially our Bangladeshi workers. As they are reducing expat employees and thinking how to increase more Saudi employees neither in govt. or private sectors to fulfill their employment

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