Three Corona pandemic death events really moved my heart!


Written by A R Hasnain

1. A corona patient in his fifties committed suicide by jumping from #Mugda_Hospital after writing a suicide note. He Wrote, about his loneliness. There was money, money were everywhere in his life. But relatives, friends were not been closely with him. His Family and relatives were all in “developed” countries, including the United States! He wrote that he committed suicide because he could not being able more to bear the loneliness!

2. One of the heroines of the Bengali film industry, former MP #Kabori_Sarwar died after being attacked by Corona. Excerpts from one of her interviews went viral after she died. That is, “I did not get a good friend in life, I did not get a good husband, the children are also like that! I will sit with someone and have a cup of tea, I will open my mind and could able to speak out however I want, – I did not get it!

3. The body of #Prof_Dr Tarek_Shamsur_Rahman, author of “100 Years of World Politics”, renowned columnist and former professor of Jahangirnagar University, has been rescued from his home by breaking the door and lock. At home he was alone. Wife and daughter are as usual at “dream country” in the United States! No one was around at the time of illness and death, no one knew anything! Money and money were all around him, fame, acquaintances were all there in his damn life. But no one was next to him, the wife, son-daughter! There was loneliness! Unbroken loneliness with him at all the time!!

Everyone has suffered a lot in death.

But when I think about where our society and family system is going in the “advanced” quarters, I am scared again and again!

Alas, career, human life development, the dream of a developed world! Alas, family, relationship and social system!

You can think a little, you can think a little.

What is really a life, what is really our life became !!


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